Beatles SINGLES released in Canada


Beatles SINGLES released after 1970

The Beatles Forever Series

The Beatles Forever Series was launched in 1976 to promote the new reissues of the beatles catalog, that conincided with Capitol new own pressing plnat in Mississauga. A generic sleeve was produced for every single of the series (four heads awkwardly superimposed over a union jack T-shirt), while the back feautrued the specific title it was housing. A rare Beatles Forever cardboard box housing all 26 singles were produced in small quantitites for stores around the country, as well as a sticker and a white T-shirt of the Union Jack cover... How clever!

Apple 2.0 (1994-present)

**Important note**

These releases were never produced in Canada, but were imported mostly from the UK, and some from the USA. They are listed here because they were readily available in stores in Canada, but worldwide distribution originated from one single pressing plant.